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Pergolas & Arbours

Planters & Trellis


Pergolas, arbours, gazebos and arches make great timber features for your garden. They can offer shade, give height to gardens and provide a framework for climbing plants. Give your patio or decking area that bit extra and create a lovely outdoor living room. Add an arbour to your garden in a quiet area so you can sit and relax or just read a book or watch the world go by.  Planters and trellis can be used for screening or dividing areas of your garden into separate units.  Simon's Landscaping have vast experience in constructing these features and can build them to meet your requirements with a high standard of construction.

Planters can be used in a number of ways in your garden. For example to define areas of your garden, to cheer up  a dark corner or used as raised vegetable gardens or herb beds or they are great for disabled people. 

Trellis can be used for screening, to create hidden corners and give height to your garden. Both can be used in conjunction with pergolas, perhaps with some bench seating, planters filled with herbs and an evening primrose to make an fragrant summer evening corner in your garden.

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