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Hedges & Hedge Laying



Once used as field boundaries, hedgerows are still an important feature of our countryside landscape although they have a great place in our urban landscape.  They are one of the best forms of a secure boundary and great corridors for wildlife, especially birds and hedgehogs.

Many of the traditional old hedgerows are being grubbed out or neglected. In France many are left to grow as firewood, or as in the UK, are cut down too high or they are flailed year in year out and eventually rot way leaving in the first instance a very gappy hedge  to no hedge at all. These living fencing are fast disappearing.



Hedge Laying


One form of Hedgerow Management is hedge laying. At Simon's Landscaping we can come and look at your hedges and advise the best course of action. Hedges benefit by being laid or coppiced to regrow from the base, strengthening the trees and rejuvenating the hedgerow thus increasing the life of the hedge. We can also advise on planting up hedges.


We can carry out the hedge laying, supplying the necessary materials. Simon is also happy to run hedge laying courses either with you or other people so they can learn this craft.

Rotting Hedge

Advantages of Hedges & Hedge Laying


  • screening and security

  • benefits wildlife

  • future firewood

  • helps retains the landscape

  • rejuvenates old hedges

  • strengthens & increases life span

Hedge planted 2008

Hedge Planting


Simon's Landscaping can advise on planting up new and old hedges, then supply and plant traditional bare rooted hedgerow plants.


Main species include; Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hazel, Field Maple, Dog Rose and Spindle. Ash, Oak and Beech plus others can also be supplied.

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