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Ripe Nice Pear

Earlier this year I trained two pear trees - basically restoring them to how they should be - along the walls of the house. I put new wires along the wall to train the trees along. The trees were then pruned back pretty hard and the branches tied on to the wires.

In the past few years the trees were producing less and smaller pears and having taken quite a bit off the trees I wasn't expecting them to produce much fruit this year. Plus there was a chance that they didn't like what I had done and would keel over and die.

The tree in the top of the photo did pretty much as expected producing a very small number of pears on one of the older branches. The other tree excelled itself producing over 20kgs of pears and one weighing in at 600 grams. And hopefully next year we'll have a lovely display of blossom and another bumper crop.

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